When: 15.05.2023
Time: 03:00pm – 05:00pm (CET)
Level: Beginners
Sprache: German
Wo: Virtual via MS Teams

AI-generated images are all the rage right now! But in these times, it is also crucial to know how to check whether an image is actual.

In this seminar on the systematic verification of AI images, you will learn how to develop a critical attitude toward ideas and identify manipulated images.

Get the know-how to keep your head above water in a world of fake images!

Learning goals

  • Insight into the history and evolution of image manipulation tools such as Photoshop and CGI.
  • Analyze and evaluate the internal logic of images.
  • Examine the external sense of images to determine if an image fits an external context.
  • Understand the technical details involved in verifying images.
  • Numerous practice examples to develop a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Who can participate?
Open to all colleagues at Axel Springer and its subsidiaries.

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Most events for 2023 will be held virtually via Microsoft Teams.

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