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Enterprise Upskilling

“We guide companies towards a successful transition into a digital era, where generative AI plays a pivotal role. We dedicate ourselves to delivering essential expertise required for effective deployment of generative AI. This commitment involves fostering a deep understanding of the technology’s potential and ensuring the professionals within these organizations are skilled in integrating and leveraging it.

Ekaterina Schneider
Head of Digital Training & Upskilling Programs
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Generative Ai

Elevating Professional Growth in Your Enterprise

Axel Springer Academy Upskilling is a digital learning platform that serves the modern professional landscape, offering a wide array of upskilling programs that cater to a variety of industries, with a strong focus on journalism, business, technology, and the application of generative AI. Our aim is to deliver education that keeps pace with the rapid advancements across all sectors, ensuring our programs are both diverse and forward-thinking.

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Mastering Generative AI

In 2023, our upskilling portfolio grew to include 35 specialized seminars on Generative AI, showcasing the transformative power of this technology across different work environments. The range of topics of our generative AI portfolio includes an Introduction to Generative AI and Large Language Models, Basics of Prompt Engineering, Introduction to Text-to-Image AI, leveraging Generative AI for research, Promptwriting, and enhancing textual work with AI. These are set to use the technology in order to improve workflows, increase effectiveness, and efficiency.

Elevating your Team's Expertise

Our digital training offerings are meticulously designed to combine flexibility with precision, tailored to address the specific challenges across a range of industries. This ensures seamless integration into professionals’ daily routines. Our curriculum is delivered in concise, streamlined units, optimized to maximize learning outcomes while minimizing disruption to the workflow.

Our Customized Upskilling Programs

Journalistic research with Telegram

Journalistic research with Telegram

This training focuses on effectively using Telegram as a tool for research and information gathering in the journalistic work process. We will explore various strategies and applications of Telegram for journalistic purposes to increase research efficiency and extract valuable information.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

This workshop is aimed at beginners who want to learn more about machine learning. Participants gain insights into the basic concepts and methods of machine learning and their practical applications. Hands-on exercises consolidate understanding and make it easier for participants to get started in machine learning.

Produce podcasts with the help of AI

Produce podcasts with the help of AI

This course explores the possibilities of generative AI in podcast production. Participants will learn how AI technologies can improve the entire podcast production process, from ideation and scripting to audio processing and publishing. We’ll explore innovative ways to use AI to make podcasts more efficient and engaging and optimize the listening experience.

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