Journalism School

We combine the advantages of a traditional journalism school with those of a classic traineeship. With us, you get the most progressive training with the best chances of a subsequent permanent position in an inspiring environment.

Tech Program

For us, technology and journalism belong together. We train tech talents who drive media innovation and strengthen the future of digital journalism. With us, you work hands-on in one of Europe’s leading media and tech companies.


We make Axel Springer employees future-proof. Our learning and further training programs are innovative and technology-supported. Anyone who wants to deepen their existing skills or learn new ones will find the right partner in us.


Together with large tech companies, we work in interdisciplinary teams of journalism students and tech students on innovative projects at the interface between journalism and technology.

“We are making independent journalism future-proof. Interdisciplinary work is an important key. For us, technology and journalism belong together. It becomes magical when we combine the best of both worlds and something new emerges from it.”

 Niddal Salah-Eldin
Managing Director

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Boulevard Woche an der Axel Springer Academy!
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🚀🔧💼 Bei @axelspringer_se sollen perspektivisch alle in der Lage sein, KI gezielt in ihren eigenen Arbeitsalltag zu integrieren.

Wie das gelingen kann? Mit einem Ausbildungsprogramm für Journalisten und Techies, das einzigartig an der Schnittstelle von Journalismus, Technologie und Wirtschaft positioniert ist. Und an einem Ort, an dem die Zukunft der Medien aktiv gestaltet wird. Mit einem Qualifizierungsangebot für alle Mitarbeitenden. Und mit Menschen, die die Zukunft im Blick haben. Künftig entfällt das Wort “FreeTech” im Namen der Axel Springer Academy of Journalism & Technology. Unser innovativer Ansatz bleibt unverändert. 📡🎓🌐

Niddal Salah-Eldin, Vorständin bei Axel Springer und Managing Director der Axel Springer Academy, erklärt: „Inhalte und Technologie gehören zusammen. Dafür steht die Axel Springer Academy of Journalism and Technology seit ihrer Erweiterung im Jahr 2020. Sie besteht aus Ausbildung, Weiterbildung und Partnerschaften mit Tech-Unternehmen wie Snap oder Meta. Seit 2023 steht KI im Fokus der Angebote. Hier wird nicht nur über Zukunft geredet, hier wird sie über Befähigung möglich gemacht. Die Academy prägt als Nukleus die Kultur, die es braucht, um künftig erfolgreich zu sein: interdisziplinär, kollaborativ und vielfältig in mehreren Dimensionen.“ 🌐🤝🌈

Damit die journalistischen Marken von Axel Springer auch in Zukunft mit dem besten Nachwuchs arbeiten können, startet jetzt unser neues Bewerbungsverfahren der Journalistenschule: 📝👩‍💻🔗

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special projects

Mind Stories

The vision behind Mind Stories is to provide a comprehensive insight into the complexity of mental health which at the moment is one of the most popular topics on social media. To deliver our content, we produced smart and informative video content supported by Snapchat’s AR lenses.

Berlin 2033

In the next ten years, Berlin will face significant challenges. However, many exciting developments are also on the horizon.
Will Berlin master these challenges, or will problems arise?
A team of journalists and tech talents from the FreeTech Academy dare to take a detailed look into the future of Berlins climate, art and fashion scene.

it's kosher habibi

We found that Jewish-Muslim friendships are not only possible, but that they exist in a wide variety of age groups and in a wide variety of forms. We met four pairs of friends and asked them what makes their friendship special and whether there is any truth to the prejudices against Jews and Muslims.

Career with apprenticeship

This series is about exciting, special and interesting apprenticeships. Because even without a degree, you can make a career start! Trainees and apprentices who already have both feet on the ground take readers into their everyday lives, show them what they do and tell them what they can do after completing their training.


They do everything to save Europe.
Climate change is leading to extreme weather events in Europe with increasing frequency. Storms, floods and heat leave suffering and destruction in their wake. Across Europe, our team met 29 HEROPEANS, people who don’t give up after their personal climate catastrophe.

Words & Weapons

A war is raging in Ukraine – also over the truth. Missiles and tanks are accompanied by lies and propaganda. The word becomes a weapon, or it is banned. This project shows how international media professionals report on the war in Ukraine.

The Deepfake Report

We – an international team of journalists and tech students – dared the experiment: Can we create convincing deepfake videos of politicians in a few weeks? And if so, how do you react to it?

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