Tech Program

“Our Tech Program is an important part of securing the future of journalism. The curiosity and creative drive of our tech talents play a key role in promoting disruptive innovations and an understanding of interdisciplinary work in the Group.”

Niloufar Behradi-Ohnacker
Senior Manager Tech & Upskilling
Miriam Krekel

Content of our program

At the Axel Springer Academy, we are committed to making journalism future-proof. We respond to the dynamics of the media industry with adjustments and innovations. This is achieved through a close integration of technology and journalism, mutually driving each other forward:

  • Our tech program for emerging talents is based on interdisciplinary collaboration.

  • Here, tech specialists and journalism experts combine their expertise to develop innovative solutions for tomorrow’s challenges.

  • This synergy forms the foundation for progressive journalism and sets new standards for media technological innovations.

  • We regularly organize workshops and events that not only sharpen the skills of our talents but also open up new opportunities for the media industry. The insights gained are discussed and often immediately put into action, significantly shaping tomorrow’s media world.

First Steps

Get to know the historical background of Axel Springer and the company’s vision for the future.

The Axel Springer Academy of Journalism and Technology is located on the first floor of the new building. Regular seminars for our trainees and interdisciplinary projects with tech talents take place here.

Project Phases

Develop an interdisciplinary understanding of technology-driven media innovations, e.g.:

  • Project with Tech-Teams: Develop needs-based tech solutions for our brands from scratch.
  • Co-Creation Project: Develop innovative storytelling solutions with Axel Springer strategic partners.
  • Unit-Visit: Go on work shadowing in one of Axel Springer’s diverse Tech Units.

Chances & Benefits

Make use of internal training for your professional development.

Building a sustainable Network: Connect with seniors and decision makers, journalists in diverse media brands and even external tech stakeholders.

Prospects in one of the most successful media companies: Leverage the academy’s support and network to enhance your skills and build valuable connections, opening doors to potential long-term opportunities.

Advantages of our Tech Program

1.400 € allowance per month

Participation in progressive projects

Small groups and intensive supervision

Perspectives in one of the most successful media house in Europe

At the Interface of Journalism and Technology

Our interdisciplinary projects have received numerous awards. These include the Henri-Nannen Prize, the European Media Award of the World Association of Newspapers and the Grimme Online Award.
All projects are relevant, practical and are created in close collaboration between journalism students and tech talents.

Find out more about all previous projects here.

Domenico Di Ruocco
Graduate and Software Engineer

My favorite project during the training was a project in collaboration with Business Insider to enhance storytelling through Design Thinking. This project not only expanded my professional horizons but also underscored the value of collaborative problem-solving with journalists.

Janine Aira Magayanes
Software Engineerin Student

What I love most about the tech program at Axel Springer is its holistic approach to learning and development. The program not only equips me with technical skills but also emphasizes soft skills and industry knowledge, which I find invaluable for my professional growth.

Dan-Yoel Bitter
Graduate and Product Manager

My favorite projects were the development of a Business Case for Welt/BILD/BI, integrating premium currency and microtransactions, and my bachelor thesis at idealo on big data and customer behavior. These projects were challenging yet rewarding, pushing me beyond my comfort zone and significantly broadening my understanding of these diverse topics.

Athi-Enkosi Fongoqa
Graduate and Software Engineer

My biggest takeaway has to be the benefit of exposure, brushing shoulders with world-renowned industry leaders, journalists, experts, etc. is incredible. Learning from them up close is even better.

You are interested in the Tech Program at Axel Springer Academy of Journalism & Technology?

You are enrolled at a university or University of Applied Sciences (with German recognition) and are studying a tech-oriented subject with an intended degree as B.Sc. Software Engineering, B.A. Interaction Design and B.A. Product Management or similar.

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