Introduction to Stable Diffusion

2 hours

Level: Beginner

Axel Springer Academy

This workshop focuses on the exciting AI ecosystem around Stable Diffusion, an advanced technology that delivers high-quality results, especially in the graphical area. We show how to use this model to achieve excellent visual results by providing a stable and consistent method for generating images and graphics.

Learning goals

  • Develop a solid understanding of Stable Diffusion, including the functioning of the model, its architecture, and its application areas
  • Effectively utilize the Stable Diffusion model to generate impressive images and graphics by demonstrating practical applications of the model to achieve realistic and engaging visual results
  • Develop skills for optimizing and customizing Stable Diffusion by experimenting with various parameters, deepening understanding of the effects of hyperparameters on results, and strengthening the ability to adapt the model for specific use cases

Target Group

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